Clare Bourne


Clare Bourne is a South African trained physiotherapist with a special interest in the treatment and management of back and neck problems and tendinopathies. In addition, she also has extensive experience in the treatment of any joint related problems.

Prior to moving to Jersey in 2007 Clare gained valuable international experience working in the US and in private practice in South Africa. Clare obtained a post graduate diploma in Manual Therapy in 1990 and, with a firm belief that the best way to learn is to teach, has been training fellow physiotherapists on the course since 1992. Her teaching credits also include a course on posture and biomechanics of the lower quarter, encompassing a comprehensive assessment which addresses all predisposing factors linked to lumbar, pelvic, hip and knee problems.

Clare regularly accesses the wealth of knowledge disseminated online, seeking out trends and techniques applicable to her work. In 2014, she became the only physiotherapist in Jersey to train under the world renowned Dr LJ Lee. This innovative approach to the management of musculoskeletal pain aims to find the driver of the pain. Combining her considerable experience with ongoing education creates a pragmatic approach that is achieving great results.

Our Mission

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it was a pleasure to come for my appointment. I was very sceptical physio worked, but I am totally converted.

Leandra Taylor