Performance Clinic


Adequate Strength, Power, Balance, Control, Running and Agility all lead to the best performances.


How you produce force and absorb it during running is important whether running is your sport, or part of what you do. We need to make sure that you can apply the strength and power changes you have made to running as you rehabilitate. We can assess joint angles and relationships such as pelvis rotation and running cadence. Furthermore, changing direction is one of the bodies most challenging tasks, We need to slow down, change direction, then accelerate, putting significant demands on the lower limb, torso and whole body.


Regardless of your injury or the surgery you have had, these components will help you perform better. Our team can help you navigate the complex rehab process to that you can come back stronger and perform better.

Our Mission

We are a team of highly experienced Chartered Physiotherapists; professionals who will treat you with honesty, integrity and respect, each and every time you see us.

As a team, we offer an extensive breadth and depth of expertise and experience. We will work in partnership with you. We want to foster long term relationships with you, your GP, Consultants, employers, coaches or trainers, giving you the best holistic, joined up care. Together we will help you to maximise your potential, performance and wellbeing to help you achieve your goals.


I’ve been running seriously for about 12 years, since I was 32 and my wife was expecting our first daughter. I decided it was time to get fit and found I had a talent for running. Never having been given training, I just did what seemed right. For 10 years, I competed in a serious number of races, from 5km Park Runs to 78km Ultra Marathons (Round the Rock). PBs are 35 mins for 10km and 2:45 for a marathon – usually puts me towards the sharp end of the race! I trained hard, but always running, I’ve never cross trained, used the gym or used different sports – it’s all time taken out of my running! A couple of years back, I started experiencing some sharp pain in my groin that just seemed to get worse, regardless of my level of training, so I decided to seek help. I approached Jersey Sports and Spinal and was seen by Lisa Mann. Lisa was excellent, worked with me to assess the issue, build strength and try to fix the issue. However, I improved in strength, but the pain persisted. Rather than keeping going, we decided to seek medical advice. Turns out I had a Gilmore’s Groin and two hernias. Following surgery in May 2017, I got straight back to running and came 8th in the Jersey Marathon in October 2017. However, things still didn’t feel quite right. I’m the wrong side of 40 and getting a few aches and pains, so I spoke to Nigel Mann about how I was feeling. He suggested that the Running Strength and Conditioning Course would be of benefit. Having assessed my strength and pointing out a couple of tweaks to my running style, I started the course. Even after a few short weeks, I can certainly see and feel the difference in my running. The course concentrates on building core strength and all those muscles that support a runner, but don’t necessarily get a workout when just doing running training. Glutes, abs, calves… I’ve got to say, after the first couple of sessions, I was pretty sore, but I feel stronger and quicker that I’ve been in a while. I do a commute run into work every day and my latest runs have been as quick as those during the latter stages on my marathon training, so something is working! An hour a week is really making a difference. I’m really happy to be using Jersey Sports & Spinal. The team are excellent and have the talent and expertise to assist with my assessment, recovery and ongoing development. I’m looking forward to the next course!

Eliot Lincoln