Physiotherapy, like anything in medicine, is constantly changing


We understand you are injured or in pain and you don’t know where to turn. Let us guide you on the path to your recovery.


At the Jersey Sports & Spinal Clinic, we believe that everybody has different needs. As such, your treatment will depend upon and be tailored to your specific problem(s) and lifestyle needs. We know through clinical experience and evidence that rehabilitation is crucial to a successful recovery after injury.


We are committed to keeping up to date with the latest developments in physiotherapy.


We enjoy a close working relationship with local GP s and Consultants thereby offering you the best possible care. The Jersey Sports & Spinal Clinic offers links to a range of other services such as Pilates, Occupational Health Services, Sports Massage, Podiatry and Chiropody.

What we Treat

Our chartered physiotherapists are highly qualified and experienced in the diagnosing, rehabilitating and managing any condition that involves joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves or connective tissue.

We have specialist understanding of human body mechanics, and can therefore understand not only what your condition is, but also how and why it may have arisen. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

Sports injuries


Back & Neck pain


Ligament sprains


Muscle strains






Repetitive strain injury

If we do not feel that physiotherapy is appropriate for you, we will make recommendations for you to see your GP, or a specialist. We are happy to liaise with the relevant specialists on your behalf, with you consent of course.

Case Study

“My MRI revealed a spondylolisthesis. Various health care professionals told me to stop impact, avoid arching the back, take care with bending as disc herniation was also present, reduce activity, and strengthen my core because it was weak and my spine was unstable! One physio even told me I was ‘broken.’
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I was not happy with this future that was predicted for me. I didn’t get a wheelchair. I kept searching. I found movement specialists, personal trainers, faith healers, trainers, osteopaths and chiropractors and physiotherapists, — some with great reputations and great promises of what they could do for me. But I was not any better, probably worse.

As a result of seeing the JSSC team I learned that a spondylolisthesis did not have to mean pain. I was not broken. My core was not weak. My spine was robust and strong, not unstable. I learned that my habits, had in part contributed to my pain. I had been following advice to sit straight, stand tall, stabilise, draw in the belly, splint my broken back. I was scared to bend, squat, or move quickly, so avoided it. My breath was shallow and ragged. I was scared about the future. This ongoing fearful situation had ramped up my body’s defences and jacked up the tension in my nervous system, splinting me more than the exercises I had been doing.

The physio team and the Pilates team at the JSSC reassured me that the words that some of the doctors had used were more damaging than what was actually going on in my spine. Some of the advice I had been given, the words that had been said, the beliefs I had taken on from society, magazines, and through my own learning had turned out to have a detrimental effect on my health and well-being.

The constant bracing of my core, the co-contractions, the fear, the movement avoidance — these had been huge factors in the pain experience. I learned about pain, the brain, movement and the nervous system. I learned to let go of my belly and back, and create space in my body; move with fluidity and ease; breathe fully into a soft, yielding belly; slouch and relax at the same time. I learned that I could contract my muscles with control, but also release them FULLY; that I could bend safely; squat in a relaxed way without ‘proper form’ and technique; run, jump; ride a bike with a rounded back. I learned my spine and body were strong, and that I could get better”.

Jacqueline R

Our Mission

We are a team of highly experienced Chartered Physiotherapists; professionals who will treat you with honesty, integrity and respect, each and every time you see us.

As a team, we offer an extensive breadth and depth of expertise and experience. We will work in partnership with you. We want to foster long term relationships with you, your GP, Consultants, employers, coaches or trainers, giving you the best holistic, joined up care. Together we will help you to maximise your potential, performance and wellbeing to help you achieve your goals.


We have just come back from a two week diving holiday in Egypt. I meant to thank you for everything you have done to make my knee better. I had no trouble climbing up an alternating open ladder ( ie each leg has to climb an alternative step) in full gear (minus my weight belt)!!!! The left one is still weaker, but didn’t give me any trouble. My knee hasn’t locked in a few weeks now! How good is this!! I can’t thank you enough.

Valerie Cunliffe

So I finally did the island walk! What a great experience that was. Mentally and physically challenging but very rewarding. I completed the walk 36/648 with time of 11:39:45 - I am very pleased with my time. I would like to say a massive thank you for all your help and advise you given me. I really appreciate it!

Mikus Eglitis