Physiotherapy Testimonials

“I am so grateful for the physical and inspirational help you have given me over the past months” 

— BS

“Thank you so much for your efforts to support me. I really appreciate your care and expert knowledge”

— M

“Thank you very much for being a true pro! You turned my life around without even knowing it! Thank you for listening and for making me well”

— Sue

“Thank you for all you help in making Emily’s ankle better. You made a horrible time turn into an amazing experience. Emily thinks you have magic hands”

— Emily's Parents

“Fantastic! She fixes my injuries & niggles when I need help. With her advice, I can now do more training and stay injury-free for long periods of time”

— Grant Stenhouse

“The outstanding quality of personal care and highly individualised treatment is evident in all my contact with the clinic”
— Mr Tom McKeon

“..and carried on with exercises and stretching so felt better than I had even before the back pain”
— Lloyd Mourant

“I don’t think I can recommend anything to improve the service I received. Lisa was really fabulous in quickly finding me an appointments when needed, identifying the problem with my back and treating me so that I am now pain free! Thank you Lisa!”
— Kirsteen Moulson

“I’ve suffered from discomfort with my neck for sometime…… after consultations with JSSC and manipulation and exercises, my upper back and neck have become much more mobile, flexible and pain free! Thank you Nigel”
— Mrs Ruth Heaven

“A huge thank you for your advice and support over the last few years. I know Andy would extend a huge thank you too – one of the best physios both of us have ever come across”
— Rebecca McNulty

“Just to say I have received the best care and treatment and would definitely recommend your Clinic to my friends. A thank you to Luca for getting me better”
— Betty Dartnell

“it was a pleasure to come for my appointment. I was very sceptical physio worked, but I am totally converted.”
— Leandra Taylor

“I would like to add how impressed I have been by Verity in particular. First class”
— Paul Raphael

“Hopefully if I see you again it will be in more jolly circumstances, but if similar problems occur again, I know where to turn to! Thanks so much for all your first class help and physio – you really made a big difference to my recovery”
— Tim Charman

“I’ve suffered from discomfort with my neck for sometime…… after consultations with JSSC and manipulation and exercises, my upper back and neck have become much more mobile, flexible and pain free! Thank you Nigel”
— Mrs Ruth Heaven

“I would like offer you my thanks for all your help and support during my recovery from injury.”
— Lloyd Mourant

“…the perfect balance of professionalism and friendliness that reassured me throughout my treatment”

“Lisa’s enthusiasm to push you to achieve the level you can reach is totally refreshing and amazing…she put in huge effort trying to sort out my knee problem”
— JG

“On Friday 10 February I arrived at your clinic in need of support as I had substantial pain in my lumber region caused by lifting my suitcase clumsily. I was holidaying on Jersey, staying in St Helier. You very kindly gave me advice/direction on how to ease my discomfort to allow me to continue with my holiday. I’m a regular Pilates attendee yet I wasn’t confident I was doing the right stretches to help me on my way. I felt relieved speaking to you and left safe in the knowledge you departed. I bought the hot water bottle you suggested, paracetamols and eased my pain regularly with the stretches you said to concentrate on. Many thanks for being so kind and generous.”
— Heather, Aberdeen, Scotland

“I have come a long way since I first came to you at the beginning of the year, and would like you to know how thankful I am for all your support, reassurance and professionalism. It has been a difficult journey! My rehab with you, has been well explained, and clearly structured, and this I believe accounts for the progress I have made since surgery. I am enjoying the Pilates, and am keeping it up!
Many Thanks once again, please pass on my comments to your fantastic team”
— Claire Dawes

“I like that no machines are used; it is hands on treatment with personable professional individuals. You are made to feel welcome and that they will do whatever they can to get you back to where you want to be and that no question is a stupid question. Everything is fully explained”
— Rosemary Satchwell

“ ..from limping, to walking/running and then full running inside of 12 months, when I wouldn’t have given that a chance of happening. 2 years after seeing Kyle, I ran a marathon. I would  never have believed that could have happened. Thanks to Kyle, I am enjoying my running more than ever and will be regular disciple of his S&C sessions to reduce the risk  of future injuries and to keep running!”

“absolute legend, treated me with respect, listened to my needs both physically & mentally, and put me at ease throughout every appointment. Legend!”

“I would never go to any other clinic in Jersey,  they are excellent”

“very friendly and efficient practice from reception to physio”

“first class treatment with much personal care provided. I felt totally confident and safe. THANK YOU!”

“I would like to recommend Claire Boote for her kindness, pleasant manner, professionalism and ability to quickly assimilate my issue and prescribe exercises that work”

“coming with another injury and worried on its impact to other sports, Lisa was great to ensure I was back even stronger playing sport and was really insightful on recovery and key exercises. I cant speak highly enough of fantastic support provided by her and the team”

“brilliant staff who are completely focussed on the clients needs. I felt like it was individualised treatment from each of the professionals I worked with. I cant recommend the team highly enough”

“ I consider Pilates classes to be par of the continuation of my treatment. Kelly’s classes are a great benefit and I thoroughly enjoy them”

“if it hadn’t been for Nigel [..] my hypermobility may never have been taken seriously”

“amazing care and health advice from professional practitioners all round”

“thank you for giving me the confidence to move again and aiding a much higher quality of life”

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