Our fees as of 1st July 2022 are:


(*self funding rate):


Initial assessment £149

(up to 1hr)


Initial assessment for U16s £129

(up to 1hr)


Follow up sessions £79

(up to 30 mins)


Double sessions £158

(up to 1 hour)
This is recommended if there are two injured body areas

Please note that Running and Pilates classes and consumables are not usually covered by private medical insurance policies. Any consumables (e.g. theraband), sale purchases and hire of equipment that are not covered by health insurance provider must also be settled directly with the JSSC at time of sale.

Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy


Initial Assessment £88

(up to 1 hr)


Follow Up sessions £66

(up to 45 mins)


Packages are not available to purchase online. Please contact us and we will arrange for your package to be uploaded to your account.


Cancellation Policy


Our goal is to provide a high quality and effective physiotherapy service in a timely manner. The right treatment; at the right time; to maximise your recovery.

You will be aware that we are a busy clinic and appointments are often in high demand. We politely request you give us at least 24-hours’ notice for appointment rescheduling so it will allow another client to have treatment sooner. For those wishing to cancel an appointment on a Monday, notification must be given on the previous Friday.

If you do not attend, or cancel a pre- booked appointment with less than 24 hours notice, we reserve the right to charge you directly a fee of £40. If you are insured, this fee cannot be charged to your insurance company.

The JSSC will not accept responsibility for shortfalls or excesses in your policy or any charges imposed by your insurance company as a result of you failing to attend booked appointments.

The JSSC understands that things crop up in people’s lives that are unexpected. While truly sympathetic, the JSSC cannot absorb the financial responsibility of last minute cancellations or missed appointments.

In fairness to all clients, this policy is in effect regardless of the reason for the cancellation.

Full advance payment for a course will be required to secure a place. If you do not attend your class, it will not be possible to make up this class in the future.

In the case of early retirement or of failure to attend the full course once confirmation of a place has been given by The Jersey Sports & Spinal Clinic and accepted by the participant, all previously paid fees are non-refundable. However, at the absolute discretion of The Jersey Sports & Spinal Clinic, provided that 2 weeks’ written notification prior to the commencement of the course has been given, a pro-rata refund may be considered for participants. If you have paid at a discounted rate, a full fee may be applied to classes already undertaken. . The Jersey Sports & Spinal Clinic reserves the right to charge an admin fee of £25 in all circumstances. Any decision made by The Jersey Sports & Spinal Clinic will be final.

Direct Debit payees please note that if you cancel at any time, you agree that you will remain liable for any outstanding amounts up to and including the cost of the course you currently attend. We would like to remind you not to cancel your Direct Debit without informing us first and request a minimum of 14 days’ notice to cancel a Direct Debit. Please note if this is done too close to the collection date, we are charged a penalty for your cancellation and we regret that this charge will be passed on to you.

Call us now on 490312 for further information or to book your session.

Funding your treatment
The Jersey Sports & Spinal Clinic is open to all, not just those with private medical insurance.
The Jersey Sports & Spinal Clinic has separate contractual arrangements (including funding agreements and duration of appointments) in place with all major insurance companies.
When telephoning Bupa for pre-authorisation, please quote our unique Bupa Provider number 80010129 and not the individual therapist treating you.
When telephoning AXA PPP for pre-authorisation, please quote our unique Group Practice number H86730 and not the individual therapist treating you.
The Jersey Sports & Spinal Clinic and its therapists are registered with all major insurance providers (except Nuffield Health). Your policy exists between you and your insurance company. Should your insurance company require a written GP referral, please ensure that this is obtained and forwarded prior to treatment as, without it, you will be liable to pay all costs in relation to your treatment.
If you are claiming through your Health Insurance: Please ensure that your treatments are pre-authorised as treatment started prior to this may not be covered by your insurance company. In most cases, or unless you tell us otherwise, your Insurance Company will be billed directly following your treatment.
In order for us to do this, you must provide us with all relevant policy numbers and authorisation numbers at the time of your initial consultation and include the number of sessions preauthorised.
Your policy exists between you and your insurance company. The JSSC will not liaise between you and your insurance company to arrange authorisation or discuss the terms of your policy. Your Health Insurance is unable to discuss the details of your policy with us under GDPR (2018) Law.
In the event that you do not provide us with your insurance details, we politely request that you settle the fee in full at the end of your consultation. We will provide you with a receipt so that you may then recoup it directly from your insurer.
In the event that your private medical insurance ceases to fund your care, the self- funding rate will then be applied to any outstanding appointments not covered by your insurance policy.
The Jersey Sports & Spinal Clinic Ltd will not accept responsibility for shortfalls or excesses in your policy or any charges imposed by your insurance company as a result of you failing to attend booked appointments.
Please note that it frequently takes considerable time for Health Insurers to settle invoices. If there are queries it may take longer still. In many cases, you will have completed your treatment long before your account is cleared. From our experience, this may roll over into the next policy year.
It is the company policy to pursue all outstanding debt regardless of the circumstances.

Our Mission

We are a team of highly experienced Chartered Physiotherapists; professionals who will treat you with honesty, integrity and respect, each and every time you see us.

As a team, we offer an extensive breadth and depth of expertise and experience. We will work in partnership with you. We want to foster long term relationships with you, your GP, Consultants, employers, coaches or trainers, giving you the best holistic, joined up care. Together we will help you to maximise your potential, performance and wellbeing to help you achieve your goals.


We have just come back from a two week diving holiday in Egypt. I meant to thank you for everything you have done to make my knee better. I had no trouble climbing up an alternating open ladder ( ie each leg has to climb an alternative step) in full gear (minus my weight belt)!!!! The left one is still weaker, but didn’t give me any trouble. My knee hasn’t locked in a few weeks now! How good is this!! I can’t thank you enough.

Valerie Cunliffe

So I finally did the island walk! What a great experience that was. Mentally and physically challenging but very rewarding. I completed the walk 36/648 with time of 11:39:45 - I am very pleased with my time. I would like to say a massive thank you for all your help and advise you given me. I really appreciate it!

Mikus Eglitis