Sports Massage Case Studies

Sports Massage Case Studies

Marathon training

Jamie was training for a marathon and wanted to ensure he kept his body in tip top condition during the increased training load. We agreed to bi-weekly hands-on sessions during the period to keep on top of any niggles, aches and pains. Each session started with a general leg and lower back assessment and “flush through” involving light and deep tissue massage which then focused on areas of particular concern. On some occasions his lower back was sore and on others it was his shoulders or legs that were bothering him.

Various deep tissue massage and soft tissue therapy techniques were used to keep him in great condition and well prepared for his race. We were delighted that Jamie finished the marathon with a PB. He felt he recovered more quickly afterwards too and also came back in for a “flush through” a few days after the event to support the recovery. We kept regular sessions going every 3 or 4 weeks as he felt the treatments had been extremely successful and wanted to complement his less intense training, but ensuring his body was still feeling good!

Sports Massage Case Studies

Head / Neck

June came into clinic complaining of headaches and a sore neck that just did not seem to be going away. She had been to her doctor already and any serious conditions had been ruled out. June felt pain killers were not a cure and it was her daughter who recommended a sports massage. The headaches and neck pain were affecting her sleep and overall quality of life and she was relying on lots of pain killers to get through each day. We assessed her neck and head posture and determined that her treatment would at the very least de-stress and calm her parasympathetic nervous system, whilst improving blood flow and mobility. A combination of light massage to warm the body up, followed by deep tissue massage and frictioning around the shoulders, chest and neck area were used, focusing on any particularly tight and congested areas.

This was complemented with some advanced soft tissue techniques including soft tissue release and muscle energy techniques. June was given some self help homework including stretches and strengthening exercises to support the session.

We repeated the treatment weekly over a few weeks, adding mobilisation cupping using silicon cups later. June’s symptoms improved so much that she no longer took pain-killers daily and felt her quality of life had vastly improved. At this point June chose to have monthly “maintenance” sessions to keep on top of this and still remains headache free.

Sports Massage Case Studies

Lower back

Claire hobbled into the clinic, walking quite stiffly. Her back had seized up after a gym session at the weekend. Her job is very hands-on, so she was stressed that she couldn’t work or go to the gym! After a thorough assessment, we were happy that the issue was musculoskeletal and didn’t require medical intervention.

Using light massage, we initially worked to release and relax the back muscles so Claire could move again. Then, we moved on to some deeper tissue massage work using trigger point and muscle energy technique releases to further reduce the spasms.

When the treatment finished, Claire had regained most of her lost movement and was walking without
pain, if not still a little sore. She was shown some mobility and strengthening exercises to do at home to keep on top of it. It was recommended she came in again later that week for a follow up session, at which it was discovered Claire had made a full return to work. After the 2nd session, Claire was really pleased with the continued improvement, so having regular maintenance sessions was discussed, as she has an active job and is a gym-goer. Claire came in another 4 times over the following 6 weeks to keep a check on the back issue, then intended to come in every 6 – 8 weeks for “general maintenance” after that. Shift patterns, work demands, and family commitments meant that this didn’t always happen, so we ensured Claire was well-equipped with stretches and strengthening exercises she could do at the gym as some self-help options in the meantime.

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