Corporate Wellbeing in Jersey

Mar 21, 2023

Soft Tissue Therapy for Jersey’s corporate workforce 

Wouldn’t it be amazing, if, in the middle of the working day you could have a 20-minute massage treatment without having to leave the building? If a highly qualified and experienced Soft Tissue Therapist could come and ease the tension in your back and neck or flush through those heavy legs? And if your company paid for it as part of a well-being package for their valuable employees, well, why wouldn’t you give it a try? 

Katie Guest is a Soft Tissue Therapist and she not only offers Massage and Sports Massage, but a host of techniques to de-stress tense bodies and improve mental clarity. 20-minute treatment sessions would usually take place over the lunchtime period. 

Offering this service on a regular basis to employees is a fantastic way to show they are valued and gives a sense of worth and improved wellbeing.  

There is an emerging body of evidence demonstrating the benefits of massage to offset job stress. We recognise that job stress can result in low morale, increased anxiety and depression, burnout as well as a host of negative health sequelae. These consequences can lead to absenteeism and impaired work engagement and productivity.  

Relief from a Soft Tissue Therapist is achieved by soothing aches and pains and increasing mobility by utilising a host of manual techniques which calms the body and the mind.  

There are benefits for the employee and employer too;  

  • Improved Productivity and Efficiency: golden words in every business! The message is clear; happy, healthy staff work better. 
  • An engaged workforce: There’s an innate desire for us humans to belong to a tribe. Caring for one another is a key demonstrator of value of the person. When an employer shows interest in well-being, it can improve relationships, create happier employees, increase engagement and improve productivity.  

In Summary 

Soft Tissue Therapy and Sports Massage can be tailored to the unique needs of your staff and delivered in-house. Treatments include back and neck massage, upper or lower limb massage, cupping or acupressure.  

The experience is designed to be efficient with paperwork completed in advance so that the time allocated is therapy time.  

Corporate in-house sessions are three hours in duration, enabling nine staff to avail of treatment. Investment of £400. 

To book 

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