Getting used to change; COVID-19 style

Apr 12, 2021

We often have very little control over change and can’t prevent these things from happening, but we can change our mindset. We must come to terms with this new situation, although it isn’t perfect. By changing our mindset and attitude, we are changing what we can control. This is far more effective. Remember, we are all trying to figure out how to make the best of this new temporary way of life, so do what is best and works for you!

I would usually go to work, then the gym and home afterwards but I now have to adapt the way in which I do these things to ensure I am still getting the benefits but to also explore different options available to me. Keeping to my usual routine as much as possible has been important. The more change that happens, the more important it is for me to stick to my usual schedule! I have taken this opportunity to adapt slightly, learn and grow as an individual, push myself outside my comfort zone and to do things I didn’t do before.

In the hope of inspiring you to greater goals and achievements here are a few examples of how I have adapted my life and daily routine:

Exercising – No longer having access to a gym with space and equipment which I am used to has been hard, I have improvised by using resources around the house along with online programmes. Often it can feel as though there is no differentiation between professional and personal life, so taking the opportunity to get out for walks (especially during the sunny periods we have recently had!), can not only give you a boost physically, but also mentally.

Healthy eating – Being at home most the time can be difficult when it comes to ensuring we continue to eat healthy, I for one can say that boredom eating is a real thing! To ensure I am still eating a healthy balanced diet, I have found that meal planning is something beneficial to me. Only buying what you need and planning your meals ahead of the day helps reduce going off plan and ultimately eating something with less nutritional value. Remember though, treat yourself once in a while!

Planning & Reflecting – Taking 5 minutes at the beginning of the day to list achievable and realistic goals can help with keeping focused on work and tasks ahead. Use this time to work on projects that you may never get round to doing, whether that be work related or personal. At the end of the day, it can often be useful to reflect on the day you have had. Sit down and ask yourself ‘did today matter?’, if yes then great and if no, ask yourself what can I do tomorrow to change this and make a difference?

This change has presented us all with plenty of positive opportunities to grow and adapt successfully. Don’t forget to read Clare’s blog for more tips to get a new habit stuck into your routine.

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Stay safe and well