Runners (and other Sports people alike): How to prevent training errors a.k.a. injuries

Apr 12, 2021

I finished my last blog with a P.S. about the Jersey Triathlon. I am quietly hoping the Jersey Tri goes ahead in July (a pipe dream I think…), but in the unlikely event it was to go ahead, this will require some special planning to prevent overload and injury.

For now, let’s go back to the main goal – Paris in October. My first and fastest marathon was a 3:29, which was a qualifier for a 90km ultramarathon. 3.14 is my plan – that’s 15 minutes faster. Now you will all be able to hold me to it!

What’s next? Continuing to train at this level would be considered a TRAINING ERROR. These account for 60-70% of running injuries!

PATIENCE my son! Here is where the word PERIODISATION comes in…

What is this you ask?! Periodisation is a term used in the sports performance world. You break your season down into small achievable training chunks /periods (I’ll call them bricks here). These all add up to a final goal/event. Think of these as bricks. A brick on which the other bricks need to be laid – A SOLID FOUNDATION that will allow a great structure to be built on top of it with less chance of failure (injury).

There are multiple components (bricks) to this. It is the mark of a good sports orientated health care professional and/or coach who can expertly blend these at the right times with the right weighting.

This COVID-19 enforced “off season” should very much be a STRENGTH period. Yes, even with the gyms closed. And yes, I am talking about the runners out there, not all you cyclists who are enjoying quiet roads and great weather (although you should also remember the strength part of your training too – even in summer!)

Consider giving your body a (bit of a) break from the running during this period. Introducing some swimming and cycling instead of yet another run this week may help. This changes the loads and stresses on the body, which it readily welcomes! The opportunity to do some non-weight bearing activities or a heavy strength session is also nice to do!

Your next step will depend on what you have been able to achieve during this period, what your end goal is, and when it is. My aim for THIS period is to build myself a solid foundation. The NEXT part of periodisation of MY training plan would include an increase in my running load (speed & duration) and overall distance – but WHEN? Not anytime soon! Like I said before, it is now time to keep working on this brick for the next month or two.

When my 12-week training programme kicks off in mid-July for October’s race, my body will be solid and prepared. I will be able to take the increased mileage and speed sessions in my stride.

How can you prevent these training errors?

I can help you to avoid training errors and prevent potential injury by helping you to:

· PLAN your goal

· PERIODISE your training (especially in this abnormal period)

· BUILD YOUR STRENGTH base safely and effectively with achievable exercises

If I can do it, you can do it too! Get in touch Book here or ring (01534) 490312. and book your session with me to work this through and make your own periodisation plan.

Stay safe and run strong.