Marathon tips

Apr 12, 2021


Nothing beats the achievement of training for a marathon. However there are lots of ways to maximise your training and the following leaflets may help.

if you are in any doubt regarding an injury, please get a medical opinion.Remember that little niggles now can turn in to nightmares over 26 miles if left untreated.

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Here are some points that you should be considering:

1. If you have a niggle, get it sorted.

Remember on race day you will run 26 miles so ensure you get the right advice from an experienced Sports Physio. You will be guided through a workable plan which will maximise your recovery for race day.

2. Taper your running

During the marathon taper, athletes are running less and typically dial back the intensity as well. Often, athletes feel stale the day of the marathon with a significant reduction in both intensity and volume. You will avoid being stale by doing something moderate 5-6 days out from the race. Keep up with your strength and conditioning work as you taper your running. It will help keep you in ‘tip top’ condition for the day

3. Resist the urge to make up for missed workouts

Whether due to injury, illness or simply a busy schedule, even the best-laid plans go awry. It’s tempting to try to squeeze in that last workout in the last five days, but this is counterproductive. You won’t see any fitness gains and only risk wearing yourself out before the race.

4. Don’t try anything new

You’ve practiced your race nutrition and equipment in training, so just follow what you found works. Don’t experiment with new foods — even if other athletes are eating them — in the week before the race. Stick with what your body is used to so you don’t get any stomach surprises.

5. Make an extra effort to get plenty of sleep

While you shouldn’t be attempting any strenuous workouts, focus your energy instead on resting like a champ. You should have a little more time on your hands with less running. Reinvest it in your sleep.

6. Relax

It’s very normal to be nervous as a race nears, but you must always quell any nervous energy and focus on relaxing. Some runners let the anxiety of the race burn up all their mental energy so that by the time they stand on the starting line, their mental reserves are already depleted. As nervous thoughts creep in, acknowledge them and then push them aside and focus on something else.

Final thought…

Remember that you have already built your fitness for the race, so any workout in the last week is about ‘refining’ fitness, not building fitness. Rehab exercises from your physio are different of course! Enjoy it, it really is an amazing achievement to run a Marathon

Good luck from the team at the JSSC!