Mission Accomplished!

Apr 12, 2021

I did it! Thames Path 100 mile Race

The knee and hamstring didn’t bother me at all (even though the evening before and the morning of the race my hammy felt a tad sore and tight!)

I was doing really well and was in the top 10 until mile 70 when unfortunately the wheels came off and the lactic acid build up in my legs was so severe that after many attempts I couldn’t physically get running again, the pain was just too much!!! I then had to switch from racing to just finishing it in under 24 hours which meant a long slow death march of 30 miles (10 hours of mental torture).

Given the very hot conditions there was a 50% drop out rate (the highest they’ve ever had in any race) Anyway……. I finished it in 23 hours and can safely say it was definitely the toughest single race I’ve ever done!

Thank you so much for helping with my recovery, you guys are awesome!!!

Below says it all really…..